Basin Packer

Founded by A.B. “Augie” Baumstimler and G.H. Moss in 1956, they specialized in sales and service of cased hole packers and tubing anchors. In the ensuing years, Mr. Baumstimler assumed complete ownership of Basin Packer Company and it has remained a family owned business. Over the years Basin Packer has had several locations but now resides at 3767 Kermit Hwy in Odessa, Texas, in a 10,000 square foot facility that houses the Service division and a complete machine shop. There have been many ups and downs over the years in the oil patch but Basin Packer has continued the family tradition of quality service and value pricing for over 57 years.

Oil and Texas: A Cultural History

For Texans, the 20th century did not begin on January 1, 1901, as it did for everyone else. It began nine days later, on Jan. 10, when, spurting drilling pipe, mud, gas and oil, the Lucas No. 1 well blew in at Spindletop near Beaumont. The gusher spewed oil more than 100 feet into the air until it was capped nine days later. With that dramatic fanfare, Texas' economy was wrenched from its rural, agricultural roots and flung headlong into the petroleum and industrial age. When oil came gushing into Texas early in the 20th century, the changes were even more profound. Petroleum began to displace agriculture as the principal engine driving the economy of the state, and Texans' lives were even more drastically affected than they had been by railroads. The impact of oil on Texas and Texans is often analyzed in terms of corporate development, personal and corporate wealth, and the overall economy of the state and politics. Oil also dramatically affected the lives of those who owned the land from which oil was produced, or who were directly involved in oil exploration, extraction and processing. The discoveries of oil fields led to the founding and flourishing of numerous Texas towns, to the establishment of companies that have become multinational conglomerates, and to the amassing of vast personal fortunes.

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